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Effective 08/18/20. Set up appointment below or email info@minasstudio.com

The following are new guidelines for guests:

* We will need you to sign a waiver to receive services. Parents/Guardians will be required to sign for minors.

* Employees nor guests will be permitted on the premises if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

* Guests will be served by appointment only.

* Call us at 919-968-8548 when you arrive.  Please stay in your car until your stylist comes out to greet you and bring you in.
(We no longer have a waiting area inside for clients)

* When guests arrive they will be required to wash or sanitize their hands, receive a temperature check, and answer a quick heath questionnaire.

* Guests will be required to wear face masks (masks with ear loops are preferred so we can provide services).

* Guests may only bring essential items into the salon: keys, form of payment, phone, book or laptop. Please leave all bags in the car.

* 1 guest per service provider. (No additional individuals will be allowed in with you)

* Children under 12 are not permitted at this time.  If your child has an appointment and is 12 years or older,
they must be able to enter alone and keep their mask on for the entire appointment.
For children under 12 please talk to management for exceptions.

* Sanitation stations will be set up around the salon for client use.

* No roaming during your processing time.  Guests must remain in their stylists chair.

* Our shampoo room is a “No Talking Zone” – because of the close proximity we ask everyone relax, and enjoy your shampoo in silence.

* We have discontinued our food and beverage services (including our fabulous cappuccinos). Also we will not be able to offer magazines at this time.

* Our Hospitality and Changing rooms are closed. (Your stylist will bring your color smock to you.)


What our staff will be doing to maintain your health and safety

* To keep occupancy in the salon low for social distancing, employee schedules and operating hours have changed so there may be delayed availability.

* All staff have received education and training on details of the virus by a testing laboratory.

* We have professionally deep cleaned and sanitized the entire salon.

* Each provider will have additional time in their schedule to clean and sanitize all items used after a service is complete. Please be patient with us.

* There will be at least 6 feet distance between each provider.

* Every station, chair or esthetician room will be sanitized with an EPA approved medical grade cleaner after each service is complete.

* Every client will have clean/sanitized capes and smocks for their service.

* Providers will wear face masks (face shields are optional).

* Our entire team has been certified in Barbacide’s COVID-19 course on infection control.

* Our front desk now has new plexi glass partitions.

Your safety is our top concern and thanks for your support

We know that this is a lot to take in.  All of these policies are in place to keep us all healthy.
We can all do our part to prevent the spread of illness in our community.  You can help by staying home and
rescheduling your appointment if you’re feeling sick.
Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure and include fever, cough, loss of sense of small or taste, and shortness of breath.

We look forward to seeing you!